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Franchise Financing


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Spectre Capital Finance is a nationally recognized leader in non-bank financing, providing capital to businesses and real estate investors in all 50 states.

We approach our investments and clients with a “partnership approach” where we act as your commercial capital consultant to identify your capital need and provide the right solution to solve that capital need.

We have been helping families and businesses achieve important financial goals throughout the Maryland, D.C, Virginia area and beyond.

Join A Growing Franchise Today

Franchising is an exciting way to start a new business on the right foot. Whether you’re joining a franchise for the first time or attempting to renovate your existing franchise, it can be difficult to secure the proper financing. Learn how Spectre Capital Finance can offer you dynamic franchise financing for a variety of needs.

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Take Control of Your Finances Today. Contact Us for Expert Financial Guidance!

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Generous Franchise Program Benefits

Take advantage of our pre-qualification process to discover the benefits of our financing quickly. Our loans provide you with a number of competitive advantages, including:

  • Low rates

  • Fast commitments and closing

  • Terms as long as 25 years

  • No penalties for prepayment

  • Up to 90% Loan To Value

Whether you need cash for your working capital, renovations, real estate or construction costs, we’ll work with you to finance everything you need to start your franchise. Spectre Capital Finance will work with you to find the right financing solutions for your particular situation.

Contact Us Today

Don’t wait to get your franchise off the ground. Start a conversation today about your financial needs, franchise goals and growth opportunities. From first-time franchisees to experienced business owners, our financing has something to offer anyone who owns a franchise. Contact us today for more information or to start your application.

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