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Healthcare Financing


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Spectre Capital Finance is a nationally recognized leader in non-bank financing, providing capital to businesses and real estate investors in all 50 states.

We approach our investments and clients with a “partnership approach” where we act as your commercial capital consultant to identify your capital need and provide the right solution to solve that capital need.

We have been helping families and businesses achieve important financial goals throughout the Maryland, D.C, Virginia area and beyond.

Flexible Financing For Your Medical Practice

Healthcare financing offers you an affordable alternative to general bank loans. Whether you’re a dentist, veterinarian, chiropractor or another medical provider, discover the benefits of specialized financing through Spectre Capital Finance.

Competitive Rates

Gain access to competitive rates for financing options that are personalized for your industry. Whether you need to increase your working capital, lease equipment or acquire a practice, here are some benefits you can receive:

  • Wide range of applications

  • No personal credit bureau reports

  • Upfront payments not necessary

  • Terms up to 72 months

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Take Control of Your Finances Today. Contact Us for Expert Financial Guidance!

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Consolidated Debt

Combine your monthly payments for a single, convenient payment with varying interest rates. With approvals happening as soon as 24 hours and we offer a convenient payment plan.You can use your additional capital to invest in the future of your business.

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Don’t wait to receive flexible financing to grow your business or purchase the medical equipment you need to expand your practice. Contact Spectre Capital Finance today to discover how our financing can help you achieve your goals.

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