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Small Business Recovery From Covid-19 Shut Downs

You may incur quite a bit of costs for reopening your business after COVID-19 restrictions begin to slowly ease up. These expenses may include redesigning your office, providing PPE for employees and additional cleaning costs. You may need capital to pay your rent, purchase supplies or a delivery car, purchase merchandise to resell, pay bills that have been stacking up or just pay off some debt you owe from trying to keep your business afloat during the pandemic. Key thing to note is that your sales will not match the numbers you were seeing pre-COVID – at least not right away. While we truly hope that is not the case, reality is that it may take months to get back there, so you’ll need to be prepared. When faced with the financial obstacles you’ll experience during and directly after the reopening of your business, ask yourself the following questions:

Will you need to hire new employees?

Will you need to provide delivery services? If so, do you need to purchase a vehicle to do so?

Do you need to raise prices?

Will you have more employees work from home? If so, do you need to purchase tools to allow them to do, such as technology?

Can your company afford sick leave or paid vacation?

If sales don’t immediately increase, do you have enough capital to secure employee payroll for at least 2 months?

Do you have enough capital to cover part of the benefits that the company is responsible for, such as health insurance?

Do you have to pay rent? Do you have enough capital saved up to afford rent the next 2 months?

If there is another wave, is your company financially stable?

If some of these questions have left you with some uncertainty, you should get moving on identifying the company’s strongest and weakest points to determine if you need financial help. The good news is, financial help to reopen the business after COVID-19 exists.

Spectre Capital Finance has unsecured lines of credit available to businesses interested in preparing for whatever may come next by reenforcing their companies' infrastructure. Business owners in need of a strong infusion of finance funding can have quick access to funds as a line of credit can be very beneficial. You only borrow the amount you need, which means if you end up spending less or getting a better deal, even better!

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